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updated 04/17/2015


Saddle Positioning

The following information is offered to help in correctly locating your New Flex Panel Saddle.

The saddle should be placed with the front foot (panel front attach point on the bars) in the hollow behind the Scapula. On most all horses the Panel will break over the scapula approximately 1 to 2 inches, depending on how long of a wither your horse has and the panel length. Panels should never be placed behind the Scapula (shoulder) as it will dig into shoulder and it will cause the saddle to set in a downhill position.

Fitting the Cinch

First, locate your saddle properly on the horse. Then let the cinch hang straight down. There should be approximately 2 to 3 inches between the horses elbow and the front edge of the cinch strap. Now you are ready to cinch your saddle down.

How Tight to Cinch Your Saddle

When you set the saddle on your horse, your saddle is likely to bridge. It is important to cinch your saddle down tight.  After you mount your horse the weight in the saddle will cause the panels to flex, causing some slack in the rigging.

The Photos are of Sunni our TWH showing correct alignment of our saddles.

Click on pictures to enlarge them

Pivot point (attach point) The foot or pivot is located in this approximate position on the outside of the saddle. The yellow dot shows approximate location of pivot point behind the Scapula (hollow are on some horses)
The Red Line show the suggested alignment of the saddle and girth. Saddle in correct position and correctly tightened should allow rider to swing up without slippage.  Our filly Misty can't wait for her new flex panel saddle  Correctly positioned your horse should be happy and free to move. Notice that our filly Misty can't wait for her new flex panel saddle 

Saddle Care

Our saddles were designed to be easy to care for and require very little maintenance. 

 Flex Panel System:  This system is so proven that it is one of the few that requires no maintenance.  No oiling or adjusting is required.  Contact us if you have any question about your flex panels.

Saddle Leather:  We clean with a good leather cleaner (Leather New).  After cleaning we oil with light olive oil.  Warm it slightly and coat all leather generously (with the exception of the seat leather).  Let it set over night and then wipe off any excess. If you desire to add a shine to your saddle, we recommend: Fiebing's leather balm with atom wax.

Always check you saddles rigging, billets, and cinch for wear.   


Correct positioning makes a happy horse and rider


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